Hotel Interior

World-class accommodation with Sheraton quality.

All the details of the Sheraton Residence, the first brand to come to mind for a luxurious and comfortable stay, were considered for you.
Practical and stylish rooms were designed at the Sheraton Residence, which prioritizes providing visitors with a spacious and practical interior design. The parts that make you feel comfortable with quality are brought all together in a room.


You can land on your private heliport with your own helicopter or you can ask from our a la carte services for your transfers.

Art Gallery

There are so many experiences to try at Sheraton Residence that your day never be hard to fill. Visit the gallery to meet with art exhibitions and widen your world.

Experience Comfort With Esthetics

Relax by infinity pool overlooking the dream city in Istanbul, Improve your health and fitness and leave your body floating.

With a 5 stars hotel amenities instead of a typical residence atmosphere, you can indulge in your spa and wellness facilities, and pamper yourself.

Turkish Bath

Sheraton Residence offers you the most modern example of Turkish bath, the traditional Turkish way to get rid of stress and reach peace of mind. You will meet the peace and health of water.


Thanks to the specially designed lobby combining elegance and aesthetics, your guests will be charmed even before visiting you at Sheraton Residence.


Sheraton Residence, which presents all kinds of details for a joyful life, guarantees maximum level of shopping pleasure thanks to the surrounding stores, shopping malls and restaurants.


With the spa at your elbow to get rid of the tiredness of the day or make a small break, you will have the opportunity to get refreshed throughout the year. Are you ready for a well-rested spiritual and physical experience?


Sheraton Residence offers you everything for entering a healthy life, including the fitness room equipped with the latest technology equipment.

Your Famous Neighbour

Akbatı AVYM, which was awarded with the “Best Shopping Mall Development Project” prize, one of the most prestigious real estate prizes globally, thanks to its high quality brand concept, adds value to the whole area.
Culture and Festival Park
The 5,000 capacity festival park will host many events including concerts and open-air-theatre to provide means of socialization.




Property Features

  • 24 hour Security
  • Branded hotel with excellent facilities
  • Card Entry System
  • Children's Playground
  • Commercial stores and daily shops
  • Exhibitions and art studios
  • Fully Equipped Gym
  • Indoor pool
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • sauna
  • Tennis Court
  • Turkish bath and relaxing sauna