Inspired by this connecting feature of Istanbul, where the continents of Asia and Europe, the west and the east, the old and the new, the modern and the traditional, the universal and the local, are together in great harmony, Luxury Resıdence ın Sıslı provides new definitions for the business world and modern family life. Luxury Resıdence ın Sıslı brings a new breath and a new perspective to Istanbul, the world’s most colourful and cosmopolitan city.

Luxury Resıdence ın Sıslı rising up in Mecidiyekoy, located in the centre of Istanbul, by the side of the Bosphorus Bridge and at the heart of the business world.

Already one of the most charming cities of the world with its modern face, business power and unique view of Bosphorus, Istanbul is preparing to gain a new value. Inspired by the connecting characteristics of the great city which joins two continents together, Luxury Resıdence ın Sıslı brings in Istanbul a new life and a fresh breath by reuniting life, business and sociality within the same project.

Luxury Resıdence ın Sıslı consists of 2 residence blocks with 42 floors and 1 office block with 36 floors. Exceptional living centre including sports area, social zone, lounge area and private kids club all in one complex.

Consisting of three towers with one for offices and two for residences and garden offices, Luxury Resıdence ın Sıslı is preparing to bring a new aspect to the area by changing the appearance of Mecidiyekoy with its different office alternatives, rich residence life and modern city square.

The view of the towers displays the distinctive panoramic views of the city reaching out for the Marmara Sea and particularly the Bosphorus with all its facades thanks to the futuristic design of the towers.

You will be in a place where Istanbul’s vivacity is sensed in its most intensive form. Ramble within a unique architecture which has turned to light and at the heart of life with all the details planned. In Luxury Resıdence ın Sıslı, you will enjoy life much more.

Located at the junction of alternative public transportation options such as metro and Metrobus, Luxury Resıdence ın Sıslı comes to the fore as the most convenient offices and residences for both sides of Istanbul. Luxury Resıdence ın Sıslı with a central location and within easy reach of transport lines, make life easier and enhance the efficiency of life.


*Central Location

*Sea View

*Avant-Garde LifeStyle

*High Security and High-Technology Towers

*Limitless Residence Services

*Close to all Transportation Links

*Various Options for Residences and Offices

*Suitable For Families

*Meeting all your demands

*Located on the connection of Asia and Europe Sides of Istanbul

*High-end Life Standards

Social Facilities

*Windows letting natural airflow in every apartment at 42 Floor

*Fitness centre

*Sports Area

*Social Club Area

*Sunbathing & Relaxing Terrace

*Common Relaxing & Chilling Areas

*Dining&Drinking Areas

*Party Room

*Private Dining Room




*Coffee Shops


*Private Kids Club

*Outdoor Semi-Olympic Swimming Pool

*Unique Management Services

*24/7 Concierge Services

*Valet Parking

*Housekeeping Services

*Large Balconies and Terraces

*Common Terraces with special landscaping


5 Min to Levent

5 Min to Nisantası

5 Min to Kanyon Shopping Mall

5 Min to Zorlu Center Shopping Mall

15 Min to Istinyepark Shopping Mall

12 Min to Taksim Square

25 Min to Mall of Istanbul Shopping Mall

40 Min to Istanbul Airport

Room Sq Price
1+1        97-115m2         $433.000
2+1 144 – 233m2         $633.000
3+1 241 – 246m2         $1.079.000

Ready to Move in

Property Features

  • Branded hotel with excellent facilities
  • Card Entry System
  • Children's Playground
  • Commercial stores and daily shops
  • Fully Equipped Gym
  • Gourmet restaurants serving quality food
  • Playground area for children to socialise
  • Turkish bath and relaxing sauna