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Real estate investments

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Real estate investments are residential, land, field and commercial area investments, and it is the most preferred investment type of our people. Because it is the investment with the lowest risk and the lowest profit when the right investment is made. What are the Points to Consider in Real estate Investment?

Important Points in Housing Investment.

First of all, it should be decided whether to buy a house for the purpose of residence or investment. The financing of the house and how it will be bought, the purchase price are important. Before making a purchase, do some research. Consult your real estate agent. Specify the criteria you want to live.

Although there are many points that affect the price of the house, there are the most influencing factors such as its surroundings, location, condition of the building, social facilities, floor, heating elevator, proximity to public buildings and workplaces. At the same time, make sure that you have a good rental income where you will buy.


Timing is important in investments. Short term means investment for 5 years to 8 years, medium term for 10 to 13 years, long term for 13 or more years. Depending on how much time you will invest first, it is more logical to buy short-term land and long-term field zoned plots. Because you can buy at least 3 m2 of land for the price of 1 m2 of land. If the annual increase value of the land is 15%, if we assume that it is around 10% in your field, there will be 2 times more value increase than one. In addition, in case of long-term purchases, if it is opened to construction, parceling and selling it at the price of the land will give you more earnings. Firms and individuals who want to earn in the short term should buy land in city centers. The zoning status, the shape of the land, the location affects the value of the land and its ease of sale. In addition, by taking the zoning and map of the land from the municipality, check the mortgage status in the deed. Negotiate on a net space. Instead of buying a high-numbered house, it is an opportunity to buy a land for the price of the house, giving you a gain of 2 times the price of the land in a short time like 2 years, especially if there is a commercial area.


It is more profitable for commercial real estate or housing investment because of the high guarantee of rental income. Especially if the purchase is made for business purposes, it pays for itself in 3 years, while it pays for itself in 7 to 15 years in case of leasing. While the occupancy rate in residences is 70%, it is around 95% in commercial areas. Workplace should be on the street or in a place where people use it intensively. I strongly recommend that you make a notarized agreement in residential or commercial leases.


You can also be a real estate investor. Although the real estate market is fluctuating, it is still the most reliable and popular investment tool that guarantees long-term returns.

  1. The method is buy, wait and sell. Investors who want to use this method should ask a real estate agent with investor knowledge to report when they get a bargain. It is that simple to buy at an affordable price, then wait and sell by analyzing the place when the place is available, analyzing the annual value increase and whether you have other incomes. The point to be considered here is to comply with the points to be considered in the land purchase of the real estate to be purchased.
  2. Buy a house from the foundation of a reliable construction company from the ground, pay some cash and the rest in installments, close the account at the last title deed purchase and sell the house at a higher price, so you will get at least 20% profit when there is a difference in purchase and sale. If your payments are not over, sell the house from the construction company and make your payment after selling.
  3. Use methods of increasing the value of the purchased property by increasing the value of the house. If you do renovations to increase the value of the house, sometimes a little work adds value to the house. Add the cost of this to you + the cost of buying the house and your profit, and put it up for sale.
  4. You can earn more by buying land or real estate in development regions instead of buying high-priced residences in city centers.
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